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Inflammation and Longevity

Scientists have cracked the secret of why some people live a healthy and physically independent life over the age of 100.

For the first time, a team of experts from Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing and Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, explored which biological and pathological processes may be the most important for successful ageing after 100 years of age.

7 reasons WHY so many 'HEALTHY' women can't lose weight

Women who claim to be “healthy” but are still carrying those extra 5-10 pounds, this information is for all of you. Listed below are the top areas women tend to neglect, even when they think they have a healthy lifestyle. This article examines the root of your possible problems. 

Sunscreen Basics

Sunscreen protects your skin from ultraviolet rays in 2 ways. Some work by reflecting light away from your body, others absorb ultra violet light rays before they reach your skin.

Up until a few years ago, choosing a good sun screen meant you looked for a high sun protection factor (SPF). The SPF rates how well the sunscreen protects against one type of cancer causing ultraviolet ray, UVB.

What is Calcium-D-Glucarate


Your liver works hard for you. We don’t even know what goes on inside this machine of an organ. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or work amongst harsh chemicals, the toxins you inadvertently breathe, eat, drink, and even slather on your skin are a burden on your liver and this can start to take its toll on your energy and performance over time. Environmental toxins can even mess with your hormone balance and make it hard for you to lose fat.

Progesterone for every day Optimal Health

There seems to be a common misconception among physicians and patients that all hormones are the same. Of course, we know this is not true, but it shows us that the big pharmaceutical propaganda machine is working to make us think a certain way. The basic difference between chemical hormones and natural hormones is that one has side-effects and the other does not. This is because side-effects are a property of drugs not foods.

Common Esters Available for Testosterone Injections

Below is a discussion of common testosterone esters. The primary difference between esters is the rate at which testosterone enters the bloodstream following an injection. A slower release means fewer testosterone injections per year. Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting ester rarely used in TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate are slow-acting injectable forms. They have been the predominant form used for TRT. Testosterone undecanoate is a newly approved form that is very slow-acting.

The most common forms of injectable Testosterone

Testosterone injections deliver testosterone into the muscle. The testosterone is then absorbed directly into the blood stream over time. The absorption period depends on the type of testosterone injected. Injections usually take place in the thighs, glutes or deltoid muscles.

Read on to learn about the most common forms of injectable testosterone, therapeutic dosages, pros and cons of testosterone injections, and injection demonstration resources.

Testosterone Injections

Two Most Common Types of Injectable Testosterone

More Sleep Means Fewer Junk Food Cravings

If you’re trying to conquer your junk food cravings, a little extra time in the sack could make a tremendous difference. In fact, a University of Chicago study showed that not getting enough sleep could increase cravings for junk food, specifically foods like cookies and bread, by 45 percent.

Optimizing Metabolism

What we eat and how we move are the pillars of healthy living. Optimizing metabolism requires an understanding of the lifestyle and health factors which increase or decrease our bodies to ability to utilize and store fat.

These factors include:

Sleeping well

Inadequate sleep is a physiological stressor which prompts the body to store more fat more efficiently.

Manage Your Stress


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