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Keeping Dads Healthy

In June we celebrate Father’s Day. Our dad’s are some of the most important people we will ever know in our lives and the relationship we have with them can be very rewarding. Father’s can teach us many important lessons through their examples, both good and bad.

Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Now that summer is here, there are a couple of new challenges many of us are now facing on a daily basis: the heat and hungry kids home all day. Once you’ve lived in Arizona for a while, you begin to come up with your own strategies and ideas on how to best deal with the heat. But keeping kids fed with healthy snacks can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle.

Here are a few ideas of some quick and easy snacks you can make this summer that are both cool and healthy:

Homemade Protein Bars

How Physical Activity Can Prevent an Early Death

Is all exercise good for you? Yes, without a doubt. Are there some exercises that can do more for you than others? Apparently so according to a recent study conducted at the James Cook University in Australia.

The Power of Power Naps

Do you ever find yourself in need of a quick 15-30 minute snooze halfway through the day to give you that extra boost you need? If so, you may actually be getting more than a quick pick-me-up. Researchers at Saarland University have conducted studies that show that a short nap can significantly improve memory performance.

The Boost Your Diet May Be Missing

Most of us already know that our diet is the most important part of losing weight. Unfortunately, it can be the most challenging part of losing weight as well. Many people have a much easier time sticking to a regular exercise routine than they do a steady diet. It’s often difficult to know exactly what and when to eat that will give us the best chance of losing weight.

Testosterone to Boost Your Energy

Our bodies start out doing a pretty decent job of supplying us with the right balance of hormones to keep us healthy and happy. However, everyone reaches a point in life when the production of certain hormones is altered in one way or another.

Testosterone is one of the hormones produced naturally by the body that plays a role in both men and women. For men, testosterone helps to maintain energy, mood, bone strength, sex drive and function, and muscle mass. While we don’t often think of testosterone in women, it actually plays an important role in bone growth, libido and mood.

Providing a Healthy Diet for Our Kids

Providing a Healthy Diet for Our Kids

As parents, it can often be overwhelming to keep up with everything that it takes to keep our kids happy and healthy. Just when we feel that we might be getting the hang of one facet of being a parent, something else comes up that can make us feel like we have no clue what we’re doing!

It’s important that we aren’t too hard on ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, doing our best is actually working just fine.

How to Use Arizona Spring Fever to Your Advantage

There are some who would argue that, because of the mild winters we experience here in Tempe, Arizona, we don’t really know what true Spring Fever is all about. We beg to differ!

What’s the latest on the Phoenix HCg Program?

Remember that amazing diet your friend at work was trying last year? The one that not only helped her lose weight, but also boosted her energy and kept her motivated? It’s called the Phoenix HCg Diet and it’s offered at transformyou.

It may have been a while since you last thought about the HCg program so we thought we’d get you caught up and up to speed.

What is HCG?

Use Reminders to Stay Motivated

Remember that moment when you were in a dressing room at a store looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling an overwhelming sense of motivation to do whatever it takes to fit into the clothes you were trying to squeeze into?

That initial motivation to make some kind of change in your life is powerful and memorable…but it also goes away way too fast.


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