Dr. Janice Skelton, NMD

Dr. Janice Skelton, NMD Dr. Janice Skelton, NMD is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor. She earned her degree at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon and has since then received additional education in Restorative Medicine. Dr. Skelton believes in providing her patients with nutritional education allowing them to use food to optimize performance, prevent illness and heal disease. Prior to joining the transformyou team, Dr. Skelton worked as a motivational lecturer for both individuals and groups. Some of the topics that she has discussed include nutrition, hormone balancing, advanced anatomy and physiology, and sports nutrition. Dr. Skelton has also worked in the product development field and has helped in branding four nutritional and herbal supplements. Finally, Dr. Skelton has had five years of experience writing as an FDA compliant Medical and Science Writer. She specializes in women’s health, hormonal, gastrointestinal and neurological imbalances and has been able to coach her patients in utilizing a naturopathic approach to weight management, pain management, and graceful aging.