How Does HCG Relieve Pain

Chemically, HCG is made up of two amino acid sub-units. One of the units contains amino acid sequences that are essentially identical to FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Consequently, HCG, when given, stimulates the testes, ovary, thyroid, and adrenal to produce testosterone, thyroid, estradiol, progesterone and related compounds. Opioids cause endocrinopathy (a medical term for a hormone problem) by decreasing the release of luteinizing hormone, which is the pituitary analog of HCG. In essence, the HCG given to patients counteracts the opioid's suppression of the hypothalamic tract.

Chronic pain patients who take opioids can develop multiple hormonal deficiencies that may be improved by HCG’s ability to stimulating hormone production.

The other sub-unit of HCG has some biologic activities that may help increase cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and nitric oxide (NO). cAMP is known to be a critical element in tissue production and growth while NO has important intercellular regulatory functions. NO is known to increase blood flow. HCG receptors are found throughout the body, so this finding validates that HCG has a much greater biologic role than simply maintaining a placenta in pregnancy. Studies show that the combined effects of hormonal stimulation and enhanced tissue growth through cAMP and NO production make HCG an option for future clinical trials in pain patients.

HCG may also achieve pain reduction through neurogenesis and tissue healing.

Often times we find ourselves in pain and are given little to no options to help get rid of it. The good news is that there are ALWAYS options, sometimes it’s just harder discovering what those options are and how to go about getting treatment. Many of us who suffer from chronic pain or discomfort have tried numerous therapies without any positive long lasting relief. You may have asked yourself, what’s next? or what do I do now?

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