Why VASER Shape is the Best

transformyou is excited to be one of the only weight loss clinics in the Phoenix area offering VASER Shape, the non-invasive body contouring solution that reduces the appearance of cellulite and trims down your problem areas. Watch the Dr. Oz segment and learn more by clicking here!

What are the benefits of VASER SHAPE?

  1. Treats excess fatty tissue.
  2. Promotes skin tightening.
  3. Temporarily treats cellulite.
  4. Treats irregularities.

Why would I need to use VASER SHAPE?

  1. If you work out regularly, but still don't see the results you would like to see.
  2. You have an area of hereditary fat that won't go away!
  3. You have reached an age where "menopause middle" has set in!
  4. You need motivation.


  1. VASER SHAPE is a body contouring tool NOT a weight management tool!
  2. You must be at a stable weight.
  3. In order to maintain the results, you must maintain your current level of activity and diet.

How do I know if VASER SHAPE Is right for me?

  1. Are you between the ages of 18 and 65?
  2. We will do a complete evaluation of your history and a physical to determine if you are a good candidate.
  3. We will determine if you have the right body area, skin turgor and fat volume for the procedure.
  4. Finally, the "pinch test" is a way to get an indication of whether the area in question would be improved by VASER SHAPE.

Vaser Pinch Test

How does VASER SHAPE work?

  1. The ultrasound beams overlap and treat fatty tissue between about 1cm and 5cm below the surface of the skin.
  2. Acoustic thermal and acoustic mechanical effects warm the treatment area and temporarily change the characteristics of the underlying fatty tissue layer.
  3. Vacuum-Assisted Massage helps to open the lymph nodes pre-treatment.
  4. The vacuum-assisted massage alleviates the need for the manual lymphatic massage to open lymph nodes.
  5. There are different membrane options available for lymphatic massage and drainage.
  6. We have variable vacuum strength (light to very strong).
  7. The vacuum handpiece stimulates the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and lipids for removal from the body.
  8. At the same time, it increases local blood circulation.
  9. The handpiece can also be used to help open lymph nodes pre- and post-treatment.

Vaser Shape Drainage

What happens during my treatment?

  1. Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.
  2. Wear comfortable "loved" clothes (oil will be used)
  3. You will change into a robe and pictures and measurements will be taken prior to some of your treatments.
  4. We will open your lymph system as you lay on your back.
  5. The Ultrasound will be applied to the area for approximately 34-45 minutes depending on area and treatment protocol.
  6. The draining handpiece will be used at the end of the treatment for 5-8 minutes.
  7. You will then get dressed and encouraged to drink plenty of water.

How do I maintain my treatments?

  1. Long-term success is dependent upon you, so you may return to physical activity immediately.
  2. Increase your water consumption the day before, day of and the day after your treatment.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet low in sodium.