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Michelle A.

HCG Weight Loss

I can't stress enough and certainly can't stop telling everyone how much I love the HCG weight loss plan! I was, at first, a bit skeptical of having to give my self a shot every day, but I got brave and it wasn't even hard.  I also thought I would be hungry all the time...I really wasn't.  I stuck to the plan for the whole program, without cheating even once! That is so great for me!  I was so excited every morning to jump on my scale because I knew I had lost at least "some" weight! (most mornings I averaged about 1 lb) I can't say it enough that having the support of your doctor and having him available to you all the time is wonderful! Dr. Bird is so caring and understanding, and to me, it meant a lot.  

One of the best things was how great I felt! When I finished my 5th week I had lost 27 lbs.  I started at 172 lbs and ended at 145!  I am only 5'2" so that was so much for me!  The first thing I did was go shopping!  I had so much fun trying on clothes (normally not so fun). This was something I had to do, as all my old clothes were falling off me. I think the best thing was when people at work were (and still are) telling me how great I look. I am proud to say I have not gained any of the weight back, and am so happy with Dr. Bird that I am going to do another round of HCG in July...thanks to  Dr. Bird!  He has made me very happy!