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A. W. F.

Weight Loss with HCG

Slimmer than even in high school - something I never thought was possible.  The HCG weight loss plan and the support and guidance provided by Dr. Bird and his dedicated staff have allowed me to reach a weight I never ever thought was possible.  The diet is a lot of hard work, but the results are visible both on your scale and in the fit of your clothes every day and there is nothing better than seeing those pounds drop to keep you motivated.  Dr. Bird was very responsive to all my questions - whether in person or over email and kept me on track from the day I went in to see him, until the last day of maintenance.  Knowing that I could ask any questions, and have the support provided by Transform You helped me stay motivated, on track, and healthy throughout the process.  If you have tried everything - with no success - look no further.  This diet works, and it will have you in your bathing suit in no time, with the added benefit of teaching you portion sizes and healthy eating tricks, so the summers can keep on coming.